WWW Bintan Experiences by Khoi Le

For all of the awesoScreen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.00.59me people out there, there is a high possibility of having the fantasy of jumping off a cruise ship safely. Well fantasize no more. Now the Loola Resort has an amazing event called Boom Net. The event is almost self-explanatory but my guide was nice enough to explain it to me. Basically you jump into a net and then *BOOM* you’re in the water! Hence the name Boom Net. The leap from the platform, from my personal experience, isn’t very far at all, just a 3 meter drop. After the drop you are caught by the warm ocean waves which push you towards the far end of the net. The only bad thing about the experience was that we couldn’t awesomize it with flips and trick jumps. In my opinion this was entirely worth the money; if you go to the Loola Resort and don’t do this, you my friend, will not have lived. The best part about this adventure will be the reaction on everyone’s faces as they float toward the back of the net. In conclusion the Boom Net was one of my personal favorite activities at Loola Resort because of the small risk involved despite it being very safe.

“I felt like a brick plummeting into the water” -David B., a student.

“I was fun to see people have different poses when they jump!” -M.K., a student.

As children, almost of evScreen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.00.30ery kid wants to be a superhero. Like most of us, you probably wanted to be Superman. Now anyone can experience what it might feel like to be him. On Flying Fox you don’t have to ask your parents to lift you up over their heads anymore, because this ride does it for your. Gliding in a harness across 75 meters for 10 seconds, I felt like I was flying in the air, which was absolutely spectacular. There are no words to really explain this, any words one might use to explain it would be skimming the edge of what they really experienced. It’s the type of activity you have to do yourself to really get an understanding of – an experience that would be entirely worth it. Flying Fox straps you into a full body harness; there are wires clipped and screwed onto your harness for safety purposes. Once strapped in, you jump off of a 30 meter platform and zipline 75 meters down into a cold, salty sea-water pool. From personal experience, the wind blows through your hair as you tuck into a cocoon ziplining at an incredible speed into the cold sea water.

“It was fun but I don’t want to try it again.” -Cynthia, a student.

“OH MY GOSH!!! It was incredible but it hurts my crotch when I landed.” -Jason, a student.



I’m sure most of usScreen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.00.47 have seen campaigns about helping others in need, but we never really see where people volunteer    or when they do it. We know people are helping, otherwise the campaign wouldn’t be advertised, but many of us need to          understand it more deeply to really want to get involved. In order to take part in this form of community service, you have        to plan ahead; you cannot simply bring equipment and resources to someone’s house, dig up their yard, and make a garden    – that would be vandalism, not help. From personal experience, if I had to do this at home every day I would find it boring, but since I don’t have to do these    kinds of projects, especially involving labor, at home, I actually sort of came to love it. This was my chance to know how it        feels to get dirty and do real work. I took on this experience with joy in my heart because I could actually see the changes as    they happened rather than seeing them on T.V. or ads about them on the internet. The finished product of 10 hard-working people over the course of two mornings was a foot of gravel laid across the         bottom of a ditch, another foot of sand poured over the the top covering another and a small wall of bricks and cement built     around the garden. The finished product looked fantastic with two banana saplings planted in the garden. In conclusion, I       would say everything looked great. The two banana trees gave me the feeling that I had helped this one family recycle and       purify water to use it to help grow their new trees and produce a little more oxygen for the rest of the world.

“Shovel the nice friendly sand Khoi.” -Quan, a student.

“It was really worthwhile knowing that I am help a lot of people.” -Giang, a student.



以前在越南,有一个人他的名字叫阿龙。他的个子很胖,因为他喜欢吃很多肉特别是牛肉。他很像美国人。他会说越语,英语,汉语,法语,日语,和西班牙语。有一天,天气很不好又下雨又冷,所以他身体感冒了,但是他很喜欢吃水果。那天是他的朋友生日请他去饭馆吃饭,他吃很多肉和很多水果,他回家的时候他的肚子很疼,有一点发烧。他的吗吗带他去看医生,医生告诉他: “你吃很多了,所以你中食了。“医生给他开药但是他回家不吃药,所以他的病更严重,马上去医院,在路上有台风,洪水,不可以去,赶不上医院,终于他死亡了。


yi qian zai yue nan, you yi ge ren ta de ming zi jiao a long. ta de ge zi hen pang, yin wei ta xi huan chi hen duo rou te bie shi niu rou. ta hen xiang mei guo ren. ta hui shuo yue yu,ying yu, han yu, fa yu, ri yu he xi ban ya yu.you yi tian, tian qi hen bu hao you xia yu you leng, suo yi ta shen ti gan mao le, dan shi ta xi huan chi shui guo. na tian shi ta de peng you sheng ri qing ta qu fan guan chi fan, ta chi hen duo rou he hen duo shui guo, ta hui jia de shi hou ta de du zi hen teng, you yi dian fa shao. ta de ma ma dai ta qu kan yi sheng,yi sheng gao su ta:” ni chi hen duo le, suo yi ni zhong shi le “, yi sheng gei ta kai yao dan shi ta hui jia bu chi yao, suo yi ta de bing geng yan zhong le , ma shang qu yi yuan, zai lu shang you tai feng, hong shui, bu ke yi qu, gan bu shang yi yuan, zhong yu ta si wang le.


A long time ago in Vietnam, a man who was named, Long. He’s tall and fat, because he likes to eat a lot of meat, especially steak. He is half American. He knows how to speak Vietnamese, English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish. One day, the weather was very bad and there was rain and it was cold, his body was so cold, but he liked to eat fruit. That day is the birthday of his friend who asked him to go to a restaurant for dinner, he ate a lot of meat and a lot of fruit, when he went home he had a stomachache, a little fever. His  mother took him to see the doctor, the doctor told him:. “You ate a lot, so you got food poisoning” doctor gave him a prescription for medicine but he was not home, so his illness got more serious, he immediately went to the hospital , on the road there were typhoons, and floods, so he could not go to the hospital, and finally he died.

Our Sonnet: Cheesecake

Strawberry-Cheesecake-with-Strawberry-SyrupA cheesecake is a truly wondrous thing,

So many flavours, and so very sweet!

A single bite inspires my heart to sing-

This foodstuff is a precious treat.A

The crumbled crust is all I’ll ever need

To make me swoon and sink upon my knees.

It should be a reward for all great deeds,

Delight this cake insure it!

There’s nothing that I would not do for it-

No obstacle could keep me from my dream.

When faced with cheesecake, I would never quit;

‘Tis worth it all-this pleasure reigns supreme.

I love these cheesy cakes more than the rest-

Cheesecake: of all desserts, cheesecake is best



Party City

Las Vegas is great.

Family from East to West.

Cards from here to there.

Floating Scrap

Raft building was fun.

From scrap to raft it was great.

We won second place.

Ball of fury

Ball of fury flew by.

With great luck the ball was caught.

Winning score was made.


The Birds of Glory and Pride

The Birds of Glory and Pride

Every morning in this splendorous school, the creatures gather before sunrise about the tree of the Ezekiel bird. As the sun reaches the tops of the trees, its rays shine down through the canopy, and the Ezekiel opens its wings in full glory. A panorama of colors glisten and sparkle in its feathers, dancing in the sunlight like so many magical stars and fairies to entertain the bird’s delighted audience. Each morning is a more glorious spectacle than the day before. Each morning, all the creatures ahhh and ooh in wonder.

All this occurred every day within that dimension of time, until one year a new bird came to the school. Soon enough, the creatures began to gather at the roost of this new bird each morning, leaving the Ezekiel all but alone.

“Is she then more glorious than I?” demanded the Ezekiel of her few remaining faithful. “How could this be? There are no colors left in the universe that I do not possess!”

“But she,” her faithful lips muttered, their heads hanging from shame, “she has no colors. She is black.”

The fury of the Ezekiel knew no bounds. She was the perfection of beauty, and if black was to be beautiful, then there was no beauty at all. In rage, she tore herself from her branch and flew to see her rival.

There stood the creatures of the trees in silent wonder. Perhaps it was the oils of the black bird’s feathers that refracted the light of the sun as a prism into so many rainbows. Perhaps it was the mystery of her absolute blackness, or the contrast she held against the bright morning sky. All that could be said is that it was an intangible beauty, not of something that could be painted, or described, or known in any way. It was beauty as indefinable as ocean is deep.

“Is she then more glorious than I?!” screamed the Ezekiel from her perch above the crowd.

“We cannot tell,” the animals explained, trembling. “For it is no longer dawn.”

“Very well, then,” cried the Ezekiel. “We will have a contest at dawn! But who will be the judge?”

No creature dared volunteer for such a task. And neither could the two birds themselves come to a consensus. So it was decided that the two would appear at dawn at a position known only to them, and the first creature to appear would adjudicate their contest.

All night they prepared their feathers and rehearsed their movements, all night at their secret post in the range of trees. And as the sun began to rise, they ruffled their feathers and then, with a dramatic swoosh, spread them wide in the most glorious scene ever to come to the most glorious of garden. Yet there was no witness to that scene, none but the two birds themselves.

Until, from behind the bushes below, a sound was heard that almost toppled the Ezekiel from her tree in horror. It was the grunt of a wild boar.

Covered in mud and smelling of its own excrement, the boar appeared, and yes, even he was delighted with the beauty that encountered him. And the two birds, surrendered to the fate of their contest, both spread their feathers and turned elegantly, displaying their pride to the pig below.

He grunted, he snorted, he coughed. He asked for a replay again and again. And after an hour or so, he finally set forth his verdict: The blackbird was the most beautiful of them all.

“If so,” cried the Ezekiel, “my beauty is not beauty. There is no place left for me.” And she flew away from the garden, never to be heard of again.



Food story Banh Tet

This type of food is a big part of my family’s traditions because my grand mother has been taught this recipe from her mother. And this recipe was brought down from generations to generation, and now it’s in my mother’s hands. This type of food is a type of Vietnamese dessert, it is made of sticky rice, and sugar soaked bananas, and some beans mashed with sugar. The beans is mixed with the sticky rice, and the banana is red because of the sugar.

Here is the recipe:

  • 5 1/4 cups long-grain sticky rice (soaked overnight and drained before assembly)
  • 1 14-ounce cans of coconut juice (not coconut cream)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon sea salt
  • Cold water
  • 2 2/3 cup dried, hulled, and split yellow mung beans (soaked overnight and drained before assembly)
  • cold water
  • 1 1/4 pounds boneless pork chop (or pork butt), with some skin and fat
  • 1 medium-sized Vidalia or Spanish onion, minced
  • 3 tablespoons of sea salt
  • 3 teaspoons black pepper, freshly ground
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon canola oil or other neutral oil (if frying cakes)
  • Serve with the following:
  • Pickled Shallots (recipe follows)
  • Ready the Ingredients (The Night Before)
  • 1. Soak the bamboo leaves, placing them in a large roasting pan and adding water to cover. Put a plate on top of the leaves to keep them submerged.
  • 2. Cut the pork into pieces the size of a deck of cards (3-inches long, 2-inches wide, and 1/2-inch thick). Each piece should have some fat and skin. Add the onion, fish sauce, pepper, and pork to a bowl and mix well. Let marinate overnig
  • 3. Soak the rice in coconut juice and let it sit for a 1/2 hour. Then, cover it with three inches of water and let it sit overnight.
  • 4. Place the mung beans in a bowl and rinse under cold water until the water is clear. Drain, then add enough cold water to cover beans by 1 inch. Let soak overnight.
  • 5. Drain the mung beans. Fill the Chinese steamer bottom halfway with water. (If the tray holes are larger than 3/16-inch in diameter, line the tray with parchment paper and leave a few holes uncovered for heat circulation.) Bring to a ro
  • Put mung beans in the steamer tray and spread them out evenly. Place the tray in the steamer of boiling water and cover. Steam for about 8 minutes, or until the mung beans are tender. Remove the tray from the steamer bottom and set aside until the beans c
  • 6. Process the cooled beans in a food processor until it reaches a fluffy consistency. It should look like fine cornmeal but should hold together when you pinch a small bit between your fingers. At this point, the ground beans are ready t
  • 7. Drain the rice in a colander and return it to the bowl. Gradually mix in the salt, sprinkling it over the rice and using your hands to distribute it well.
  • 8. Drain the bamboo leaves, rinse, and set aside.
  • 9. If you are using frozen banana leaves, defrost them by soaking them in hot water and rinsing thoroughly. Pat them dry and cut them into sheets of 5″ x 12″. Set aside.
  • 10. To make each cake, put a 12″ x 18″ inch sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil on your work surface, with the shortest side closest to you. Place the mold on the center of the foil. You will need 4 bamboo leaves to form the frame—the cor
  • 11. Next, line the interior of the mold with banana leaves, shiny side up and facing you. (This allows the green of the banana leaves to dye the rice while cooking). Place a banana leaf so that one of its shortest sides lays flush with th
  • 12. To add the edible ingredients, first scoop up 1 cup of the prepared rice and pour it into the mold. Use the back of a large spoon to distribute the rice evenly, taking care to push the rice all the way to the inner edges of the mold.
  • 13. Repeat steps 10 through 13 for the remaining 3 cakes. (Save any leftover rice and steam it as you prefer.)
  • 14. Fill a 12-quart stockpot half full with water. Place the cakes in the pot, stacking, and/or standing them up. Add enough water to cover the cakes. To keep the cakes from floating, place a heavy ceramic plate on top to gently weigh the
  • To maintain a gentle boil, keep a separate kettle of boiling water on the stove to replenish the stockpot as needed; it is okay if the water drops to an occasional simmer. When the cakes no longer float (about 3 hours into cooking), remove the ceramic pla
  • 15. After the seven hours, use tongs to transfer the cooked cakes to a pot of cold water. Once they are cool, transfer the cakes to a baking sheet, placing the seam-free, neater-looking, square side down. Put another baking sheet on top of Banh chung after cooking.
  • 16. There are three ways to enjoy banh chung: soft, which allows you to fully appreciate the pale green color and subtle tea flavor of the banana leaf; fried into chewy crispiness; or grilled, which reduces the use of oil and creates a ge

Slavery Journal


Dear Amari,

I hope you have been feeling a lot better lately if not I am sorry, for you have to deal with that brat Clayton. But this letter was not sended to you to talk about that grumpy old Clayton. In this letter I am going to talk about slave culture even though Teenie didn’t teach you much about it. But anyways, according to my recent research most slaves would tell stories and stuff with important figure like a trickster that would be in a folktale, that teaches the young kids lessons.

I also heard that field slaves work less in the winter and about 16 hours in the summer. I just want to know if it is true or not because you would know more than me, since you’re a slave. And is it also true that field slaves work for at least ten hours in the winter? I couldn’t answer these question myself if I tried my hardest, because I would never be in a situation like yours; but if I was to be, then it would be an awful thing, if it was to happen to me.

I’ve also heard that African American folks like Teenie and the field slaves, sing songs while farming on the plantations and separating cotton seeds from cotton, now I know that Mr.Derby’s plantation is a bunch of rice fields, but they could also sing while framing right? I have another question: Have you ever heard any of the other slaves sing? Because I know your tribe sings and tell stories, which was your father’s job before he died. I also read that in slave marriage they don’t even get a real contract because by the name of the law no slave is allowed to own anything besides some personal things like “Negro Clothes”. I think this is goodbye to you Amari and I shall write to you sooner or later, or just when I have some free time.



Bento Box Khoi

Lay the sticky rice down just a small amount.
Lay the cup of peas on the rice.
Weave the egg strips on the
slice the cucumber and carrot
lay down the carrot and cucumber slices on
then cut up the sausages and lay them all over
Then mix the rest of of the sticky rice with the shredded seaweed
mold the rice into any shape you like
put it on top and the
then cut the apples and pears cubed and put it to the sideIMG_0934 if there is any extra sausage slices then put them in the empty places.